How To Find Your Phone's Model Number


Using catchy friendly names for phones (i.e Razr or Chocolate) is a recent trend, but for those who have an older phone it may be pretty hard to remember the manufacturer's model number.

Check your phone's owner's manual as it will likely list the model number. If your phone's manual has long since been tossed in the trash, here are some tips to help you identify the model of your cell phone.

The manufacturer name is usually printed on the outside of your phone (ie Motorola, LG, Samsung, Kyocera, etc). The model number, however, is usually not visibly printed on the outside of the phone.

Here's how to find the hidden label that should reveal your model number:
  1. Power off your phone.
  2. Turn your phone over and find the battery compartment.
  3. Slip off or unscrew the cover to the battery compartment.
  4. Remove the battery.
  5. Under the battery, you should find a sticker on the inside of the battery compartment that indicates the model number along with other information such as the serial number.
  6. Reinsert the battery and replace the cover.
  7. Turn your phone back on, and you’re done! will help you reprovision or recycle your cdma phone. You can have the flexibility to choose the mobile phone service providers without the expense of buying a brand new cdma phone.